A radiology department and medical imaging service, near to UMVA, to be more precise in the diagnosis of patients
and, subsequently, provide them with the best support possible based on their health problems.

Radiology center

The Faucigny medical Imaging Services, located “471 Avenue Paul Béchet” in Cluses and the Medipole, located “35 Boulevard du Chevran” in Cluses, welcomes you as part of the Emergency Service and th Arve Scanner.

We work closely with them to diagnose and treat patients. These centers include:

  • 20 employees
  • 5 radiologists
  • 1 scanner

Doctors, radiologists, technicians and secretaries make up the professionnals imaging team, engaged on a daily basis to welcome you in the best conditions

Radiology department

The Faucigny of Cluses radiology center of medical imaging, such as:

  • Conventional radiology
  • Dental radiology
  • All types of ultrasounds and dopplers
  • Mammography
  • Bone densitometry
  • But also all scanner exams.

However, for MRI exams, they do not have adequate infrastrructure at the Cluses medical center. This is why the radiology center perform MRIs, either on the Sallanches medical center or on the MRI 74 medical center in Nancy and Annecy. In these medical centers, MRIs on 1, 5 and 3 teslas are performed.

To obtain an appointment for your various medical exams, please contact the directly the medical center involved.

Useful information :

Questions that patient could ask about the radiological exam

In order for the practitioner to make the correct diagnosis and for optimal patient monitoring, the patient must aks himself some practical questions.

Do I need this medical exam ?

The answer will be negative if the results are not likely to change patient take over or if the medical exam is about to evolve and be more precise with new technologies.

Has radiological exam been done on me before ?

The patient and their practitioner should ask themselves whether the exam has already been performed on the patient and, if so, the radiologist should have the resluts of the previous exam.

Have I correctly explained the problem and my health history ?

It is important to explain your situation and your past and present health problems so that the radiologist is aware of the overall situation and can make the correct diagnosis.

Is this exam the most appropriate ?

Consider the rapid development of imaging technilogies but also of the patient’s situation and the irradiance of the examination in question. Indeed, the exams are different depending whether the patient is elderly or if she is pregnant, for exemple.