Work accidents are frequent in manual activities such as bar turning and can be very serious.
Our medical unit is reactive to these problems !

Bar turning activity

Bar turning is a very present in Vallée de l’Arve which requires very high technical skills. However, exercising multiple handing, ajustments and technics, it is also very aciident-prone.

Even if collective and individual prevention measures make it possible to greatly reduce the frequency and severity of workplace accidents, some still can’t be avoided.

In fact, the Cluses first-aid center receives more than 2,200 work accidents each year, mainly due to bar turning.

This is why when you have a problem during the exercise of your functions, it is imperative to consult a doctor or a health professional in order to be diagnosed, treated and to avoid medical complications.

How do work accidents happen ?

Work accidents could happen for several reasons and are often related to the following elements:


Loading, positioning and wedging of parts, clamping and loosening of the jaws, closing and opening of the machine cover… All this can lead to load carrying, repetitive gestures and a prolonged standing position conducive to the outbreak of musculoskeletal disorders such as low back pain, wrist and hand tendonitis and other medical conditions.

The working environment

In the working environement, workshop floor can become slippery and so dangerous for employees due to a variety of fluid (like cutting fuild) If an employee fall, he can suffer more or less dangerous injuriesaccording to the fallInjuries can be localise on the wrist, the knee, the ankle or even at the lumbar spine.

Settings & processes

Settings and processes tool settings and operating procedures for manufacturing parts can lead to the occurrence of accidents such as cuts, crushing, foreign bodies in the eye, etc. The first aid center receives and treats over 1,500 wounds and hand trauma in close collaboration with the Lemantique Center specialise in hands problems in Gaillard.

(Source CHST : prevention of occupational risks in metal machining)